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product arrow Rosewood NCT VII

Price Rp 1.725.000 Beli
Speed   9.0
Control   8.1
Stiffness   5.8 - Average
Hardness   7.3 - Medium hard
Consistency   10.0 - Always identical
Overall   9.4
Plies   7
Materials   Rosewood
Head Thickness   6.9mm

Rosewood NCT VII is the blade for players who demand high speed, but won't tolerate a loss of feeling, control and trajectory. Built with a unique combination of 7 plies of high-quality Rosewood, this distinctive blend of technology and craftsmanship dramatically increases the sweet spot and trajectory, and maximizes the power of the blade. With Rosewood NCT VII a player gains maximum control when executing many variations of speed and strokes. Rosewood NCT VII - where Science meets Nature!