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product arrow Treiber K

Price Rp 750.000 Beli
Speed   9.0
Control   10.0
Stiffness   3.0 - Some flex
Hardness   5.2 - Medium
Consistency   10.0 - Always identical
Overall   10.0
Materials   Koto
Head Thickness  

TREIBER K is a high-end blade of the top category. The efficient and top modern K-fibre which is positioned directly under the Koto outer veneer generates dynamic topspin strokes also for not perfectly centric hit balls. Disturbing vibrations through wrongly hit balls are completely absorbed by the K-fibre. What�s left is a sensitive impact, never losing its control. The 3 millimeter Koto core-veneer serves as a tempo storage and enables you to push your opponent into the defense in the twinkling of an eye.

Treiber Technology

Synthetic fibre enlarges the sweetspot and avoids distortion. Direct play feeling through Koto outer veneers.

Optimal weight balance for convenient handling.

for a soft but powerful touch!

for spinny offensive play with enormous feeling!

for variable offensive play enabling hard winners!